Tow Truck Prices

How Much Does Towing Cost?

Towing Cost

is usually not a fixed cost that towing companies can easily name upon inquiry. A lot of factors are actually taken into consideration in identifying it but more often than not, all of these can already be estimated after the brief phone interview that a reliable tow company like Liberty Road Services dispatchers usually conduct.

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Give our 24-hour towing service dispatch center a ring at 201-231-7573 to have a close estimation and answer to questions like “How much shall I pay to get my car towed?”, “Do your charge per mile in your towing cost?” and all the littlest details you might want to know.

You’ve probably been searching about Cheap Towing, Cheap Tow Truck or Affordable Towing. The good news is, you have just found the most competitive towing company around Jersey City, New Jersey that not only vows to serves its community but its nearby towns too.

Our adept front-liners will give you an accurate towing cost estimate after asking these questions:

  • Is it an emergency? Do you need an urgent, emergency response?
  • Did your car get into an accident?
  • Where is your car’s present location and the destination for towing?
  • Are the keys still in it? Is the car still functional and movable?
  • Are the four wheels still operable and intact?
  • What is the model of your car?
  • Is your car off road?
  • Is it set for towing or it still has to be extracted from mud, sand, or water before towing can begin?
  • Can you put the car in neutral?

These important information points can actually affect the cost of your tow. Thus, it is necessary that you fully understand what your situation is before you decide to give us a call. We strive to be as much transparent as possible in giving an accurate quote for a most premium tow service in Jersey City. Be fully informed. ​​