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Dealing with an Out of Town Breakdown:

While you may have been very diligent in preserving the value of your car, the truth is it does not guarantee a green gear. Your car engine might decide to stop turning over, issues about the wiring may arise and interrupt your trip, or worse, you may run over a sharp object and as a result, you get a flat tire in an instant.
It can be very stressful when your long waited trip becomes ruined because your car decides to malfunction and it gets even more heartbreaking if prior to that trip, you made sure your car went through a thorough vehicle checkup and you had not missed a single session of its regular preventive maintenance. But what if such a problem strikes you when you’re out of town and you keyed in “cheap towing near me” on Google only to no avail?

Most likely, you have two options to consider in dealing with such a daunting situation but each of these options comes with a cost you will potentially incur, e.g. repair cost, towing cost, and the cost of rental should you be inclined to rent one to rescue you and your passengers.

Option #1: Take it home.
The saying “there’s no place like home” probably exists for a reason. Indeed, nothing can make us feel more secured than when we’re tackling an issue in a place we have grown up in. The same applies with car breakdowns. More often than not, the car repair company that earned our trust is based in our home town.

This is why a lot of vehicle owners who happened to suffer from a car breakdown away from home resorted to taking their vehicles home with the help of a reputable tow truck company. If you go for this path, on the upside, it can significantly save you the hassle of having to travel back and forth between your home and your vehicle. Besides, you’ll feel secured knowing that it is your most trusted roadside assistance and towing company that’s handling your vehicle.

On the downside, if you are too far from home, finding a towing company that is willing to tow your vehicle all the way to your hometown may be quite a challenge, more so if you have searched for “24 hour tow truck near me” on Google. This is why having a tow company you know you can call and rely on at all times regardless of time and location is important.
Option #2: Carry out the repair on site.
If you are unwilling to bear the additional cost of towing on top of the actual repair fee, you can go for this option and just perform the repair where you are. However, note that this path does not guarantee savings. In fact, it can only end you up having to pay additional travel costs if the repair will take longer than a day as that means you’ll also have to travel home and back to the site on the next day. Moreover, while you may choose to stay within the town you’re stuck at, you’ll likely feel inclined to spend the night comfortably in a hotel too, thus an additional expense on your part.

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