diy roadside assistance

Owning a car is a big responsibility, let alone driving or riding in it. Experts have always put emphasis on the importance of monthly preventive car maintenance with the purpose of extending and preserving its life, improving fuel efficiency, and keeping it in great condition. However, no matter how frequently a car is checked and maintained, unfortunate events, especially the ones you have no control over, can still take place i.e. running over a nail that causes a flat tire, engine malfunction, or worse, getting into a car accident. During such wretched situations, calling the help of a reputable road assistance company usually serves as the most practical and safest solution to go.

Resorting to DIY repairs may help save time and money but on the other side of the spectrum, it may only expose you or your passengers to a potentially dangerous situation. Below are some of the roadside repair activities that you should take extra caution while performing:

Vehicle Jumpstarting Service – Nothing is more upsetting than having a ruined trip because your car experiences engine breakdown possibly because of a dead battery in the middle of the road and you see no establishments or shop nearby to assist you. In tough times like this where you have no choice but to try carrying out vehicle recovery services on your own, it is best to be aware of the risks that may come your way like when the leads are getting hooked up accidentally, or hydrogen gas is igniting with a spark. Observe the battery. If it has a rotten smell, then there is a high chance of a hydrogen leak. Jumpstarting, in this case, can cause an explosion. ​Also, make sure that the battery casing is cooled down before you touch it. Remember, even a small spark can lead to a tragic accident. Because of these dangers, if you are not knowledgeable or experienced in handling such situations, calling a reputable and reliable vehicle recovery company is still the best choice to make. ​

​Note: To jumpstart a dead battery, make sure you connect the booster cables in the correct order. The positive cables are to be linked to the positive terminals on each battery while the negative cable is to be linked to the negative terminal on the working battery.

    • ​ Changing a Flat Tire – Nowadays, even though tire manufacturers have been producing tougher and more resistant tires, these are still not impenetrable. When your tire deflates, chances are you have to get off your car and face the problem courageously on the road so as not to damage the tire further. However, staying on the road alone opens the risk of being involved in an accident.

We all have that bad day moments. And there were times when I thought it is doable to tow my car. Apparently, it is not as easy as it seems. If you are in that situation and you have your family on board, the best thing to do is ask for a towing service. Jersey City fortunately has a number of trustworthy roadside assistance providers to help you not just with your towing needs but also with your other road assistance concerns.

    • Gas Refueling Services – As car owners, we always make sure we have enough gas to keep our vehicles up and ready to run when the need arises. However, there will always be constraints that will make it hard for us to refuel on time, e.g. busy schedule. This still sounds bearable until we run out of gas or we unconsciously drive on a low tank in the middle of a travel. Aside from the hassle, you might have to bear with the potentially costly repairs because of it.

Consequently, you may be tempted to refill your gas tank manually, i.e. doing the refueling outside a certified gas refilling station. While this sounds like a good idea, bear in mind that it is a hazardous kind of chemical you are about to deal with. Improper handling can only lead to worse problems like being caught on fire. That is why there are road assistance companies all ready to provide their gas delivery service along with other road assistance near Jersey City for every car owner in need of help.

Liberty Road Services is one reliable road assistance company that employed professionals skilled in handling breakdown situations not just in Jersey City but all throughout the New Jersey area. They have technicians that both have the skill and knowledge to carry out the task with quality while ensuring, at the same time, that your vehicle is safe and away from hazards. With Liberty Road Services, your vehicle is in safe hands.