Winter is just around the corner. That means car owners should start preparing heir vehicles for optimum functionality, with safety as the top priority. Here’s some tips on how you can prepare your car for winter. 

As winter and it’s freezing temperatures draw near, you should keep useful contacts on hand like Jersey City towing, to ensure you have someone to reach out to in a vehicle emergency.

There are great tow companies in Jersey City for you to choose from, but an extra reliable road assistance company like Liberty Road Services will come to your rescue whenever you encounter car trouble during winter.

Nonetheless, before commencing any trip you should be mindful of the following:

  • Your car’s Antifreeze function

You should ensure that your car’s antifreeze is at the right fill level, the antifreeze will make sure that your engine is cool at any time. Make sure your antifreeze is mixed with the right ratio of water, if there is excess water, your coolant may freeze, especially in the evening.

  • Your car’s Tires

In the winter, ice forms on the ground, creating an unstable surface. It is recommended that you use all-weather or specially-made winter tires in these conditions. If your car has bad tires, your car may skid—putting you at risk. If you cannot purchase winter tires, using snow chains on your normal tires may work as well. If you will be driving in rural or hilly areas and your tires don’t have good tread, your Liberty Road Services contact may come in handy.

  • Your car’s Heater

You should see to it that your car’s heater is in good condition so that you can stay warm in your car.

  • Your car’s Battery

The cold temperatures have an adverse effect on the metal and chemicals within your car battery. You should see to it that you have a functional battery that has been regularly checked at your local filling station. You can also use a plugin to make sure that your battery is not going to drain it’s charge overnight.

  • Your car’s Windshield wipers

In order to maintain visibility while you are driving in the snow, you should acquire functional windshield wipers. These wipers will wipe off any ice that may cause clogging on the windshield and help you navigate the bad weather.