Let’s face it; no amount of regular vehicle maintenance can guarantee an absolute exemption from road misfortunes, even the petty ones. No matter how great the condition your car is in, the likelihood of minor accidents such as running over a sharp object, or accidentally getting locked out, or running out of fuel is still there.

Fortunately for Hudson County residents, a reliable tow truck company like us can provide Jersey City Towing services, just a call away. Our highly trained dispatcher will immediately take emergency calls and treat each of them with urgency. At the core, a brief interview will be conducted to know your situation and your location. Once done, our seasoned team of technicians will arrive at your destination shortly after taking your call.

But what if I am clueless about where I currently am? What if I am unfamiliar with my current location?”

Before calling a tow truck company nearby, keep these things in mind:

Tip #1: Take note of what road you are currently on.
Here at Liberty Road Services, our dispatcher is equipped with a map system throughout New Jersey that can easily track and identify the best routes to our callers’ destinations. But in order for us to locate you, we will be needing specific information like the road you are currently on and the crossroads or exits near you if you are on a highway. Likewise, informing us of the nearest highway marker or any landmarks, e.g. structures, stores, you can find will also help.

Tip #2: Take note of what town you are in and its nearby towns.
If you are outside the boundaries of Jersey City and you need roadside assistance and towing services, giving us information about your current town location will be of great help for us to figure out where you are exactly.

Tip #3: Utilize your smartphone’s GPS.
As long as your phone is connected to the web, you will be able to access a map through your GPS app which will tell your exact location. Once you have pulled up the GPS coordinates, you can pin that location and actually share it with us so we can dispatch our team to your location right away. That’s “tow truck services near my location” unlocked!
Tip #4: Inform us where you are heading.
What direction are you headed? Do you know what direction you’re going?

Fun fact: Most interstates and highways in New Jersey are on an odd or even number basis. Odd numbers go south and north while even numbers mean west or east. With this in mind, pinpointing your approximate location will be easier.

We have been getting a lot of towing calls from those who do not know their address. We want you to know that it is perfectly fine. We got you covered no matter the circumstance.

Got in a road emergency situation? Give us a call. We vow to do our best to find you. We’ll be there in minutes.