Small to Medium Sized Vehicle Towing

Light/Medium Duty Towing - Liberty Road Services

Cable hauling equipment is used for removing stuck vehicles out of those off route areas or terrain where you may find you are in need of some extra assistance to become unstuck.

Towing small vehicles or medium duty isn’t all that different. It all comes down to the care taken and the correct procedure in place to have a smooth and error free experience.


Make and Model of vehicles are a good thing to have on hand when you are wanting assistance. It can also make a difference in knowing the weight of your vehicle as that can assist in the correct truck being sent out for assistance.

Always take into consideration extra weight of cargo or loads that you might have overlooked when estimating your gross weight. A log book in your dashboard or compartment is a great way of having correct numbers documented like the width, length and height of your vehicle and typical carrying loads. The more accurate information you can provide when you call us the more timely your service will follow.