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We provide long-distance towing in Jersey City, NJ
Looking for a towing company that can assist you with flatbed towing near or around Jersey City?

Liberty Road Services​ is always on standby for anyone needing our services. Our flatbed towing team is here to assist any and all clients in Jersey City and the nearby communities.

Request our long-distance tow truck and other towing services online. Or you can call us at 201-231-7573​ for quick assistance.

A more trusted and experienced local towing company means safer rescue or delivery of the vehicle


There are a hundred ways a vehicle can get in trouble while on the road. So many in fact, it is safe to know a reliable Jersey City towing service company that can actually do the work.
We understand the anxieties people experience when driving in traffic. Over the years, Liberty Road Services​ has learned that:

  • Fast and effective roadside assistance recovery and towing services are a necessity.
  • A trained and professional towing team can reduce the stresses of roadside issues.
  • Getting people out of a muddy situation is fulfilling for those passionate about the profession.

You are here because you need our JC roadside assistance.  Do not worry, we offer tire change services, lockout services, car battery jumpstarts, forklift towing, and other roadside needs.

Long-distance towing service for every Jersey City customer

Even the most reliable vehicle may need a towing service. When unexpected damage or an accident renders your automobile inoperable, call us. No matter what the situation, a breakdown, or a crash, our towing team will get to your location as soon as possible.

Often, people would hesitate to talk with a local towing company right away. Instead, they would leave their vehicles in open spaces and let them sit there for hours, leaving the vehicle vulnerable to further damage as well as an easy target for robbers. 
Liberty Road Services​ offers different types of towing services. Our flatbed towing services may be suitable for your situation.

  • Forklift towing.
  • Crash tow.
  • long-distance towing.
  • Light and medium towing.
  • Motorcycle towing.

Why wait to call Liberty Road Services?

Liberty Road Services is full-service roadside assistance and recovery business in New Jersey, and has been giving roadside assistance in Jersey City for years. That is how we can guarantee superb quality services at an affordable towing cost. You will be pleased about the trained technicians and services we have to offer.

At Liberty Road Services​, we understand how stressful it can be when vehicular problems arise, and our primary concern is the safety and assurance of people with their car troubles. For this reason, we keep our towing crew and towing equipment ready to give assistance.

We are 100% ready and on standby!

Highly trained and ready.

For any recovery and towing service needs, Liberty Road Services is a great option. As your local towing company, we are dedicated to performing excellent services. We maintain a fleet of flatbed towing trucks available to haul away or rescue a vehicle.

Towing rescue and recovery services.

Your safety is our goal. And when people need the best JC towing services, it helps to know a trusted towing company nearby. Liberty Road Servicesis your go-to for car emergencies. We offer effective towing and roadside assistance. We have long-distance tow trucks that can easily haul your vehicle anywhere.

Long-distance towing rates.

Aside from the top-of-the-line tow trucks, we also have the best rates for long-distance towing. Talk with our customer support now to get full details of our services and towing prices. Rest assured you will receive complete costs for long-distance towing with no undisclosed fees.

For mobile gas delivery, crash tow, or long-distance towing in Jersey City, call us.

Need a professional long-distance towing in Jersey City?

If you are in need of long-distance tow truck or other towing services that Liberty Road Services​ provides, call us at 201-448-9922. One of our friendly dispatchers will send the best towing crew your way right away.