Road Trip Mishaps: What to Do If You Ran Out of Gas


The weekend is a perfect time for long road trips! You might be planning to use this part of the week to finally chill out from the stress of your deadlines and responsibilities. Visualize this scenario. After packing your stuff and planning all your itineraries, you may have thought that you were already well prepared for your exciting journey. However, it’s easy to forget an important aspect of your road trip – ensuring that your car is in good condition. Unless something unpleasant takes place, then you would never realize that you had forgotten about the possible encounter of a vehicle breakdown. How distressing would that be?

Running out of fuel is a common mishap experienced by drivers and travelers. Despite this fact, a lot of motorists still don’t observe the proper way to deal with this type of vehicle breakdown. Therefore, this blog is written to raise awareness on what things to do when you ran out of gas. Here is the list.

1.    Get your car out of traffic.

If while you are driving, your car shows signs of unsustainable gas, immediately get out of the street and park on the shoulder of the road. This will help you avoid being a cause of disturbance to the oncoming traffic. After being safely parked on the side, turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers that your car is nonfunctional.

2.    Stay calm and vigilant

Your body’s natural response to unpleasant encounters like this is to panic. This might be a common reaction of almost all people but it won’t lessen the negativity of your situation. Instead of succumbing to panic, breathe deeply and feel the air rushing to your whole body. By being calm, you will be able to think smartly and act efficiently. After managing your overall emotion, it’s time to deal with the major problem itself.

3.    Attend the safety of everyone inside the car

This is especially true if you are stranded miles away from civilization or in a crowded yet dangerous area. If your gut tells you that you should stay inside your car, the trust it. 

4.    Call for a roadside assistance

If the gas station is miles away from you or you think it’s unsafe to deal with your car break down on your own, just call a local tow truck service to handle your problem. By calling a professional tow company in Jersey City, you can expect that reliable help is already on its way.

Dealing with car breakdown is definitely an undesirable situation. However, mishaps normally happen. Don’t let these affect or worse, ruin your trip. For quick and efficient roadside assistance, don’t hesitate to visit our website. Refuse to waste your time and call a reliable tow service that serves 24/7!