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Towing and Roadside Assistance

When you need a tire change service or Jersey City roadside assistance, we are the company you can depend on. Liberty Road Services can immediately send out help to your location.  A better way to move forward. That is what we want to be known for. Either we help provide mobile gas delivery, towing and recovery services, or car battery jumpstart, you will be on full speed again.  Car breakdown? Tire failure? Drained battery? Mechanical issues? These are big problems that need the attention of experts and trained mechanics, don’t try DIY roadside recovery.

That is where we come in.

Leading Jumpstart Service Jersey City

roadside assistance

Trust us. We have helped customers time and time again. No more frustrating moments like waiting for more than 30 minutes for assistance to arrive. No more saying “towing is slow.” We will help get you where you need to be.

At Liberty Road Services, we provide the most professional and reputable towing and road services. That is how you can guarantee trouble and worry-free experience.

Many of our customers that have been in a roadside emergency have experienced dead car batteries. And we have extended successful emergency roadside assistance to each one of them.

Your car is not starting for numerous reasons. Here are the three main causes. Inspect your vehicle for these before leaving to avoid car breakdown.


One of the most common reasons why car battery drains is leaving the headlights on overnight. Depending on how long the headlights were on, the car’s battery might get too weak to power the engine for long.

Alternator Issues

It is worth noting that the battery is not always the culprit for the car refusing to start. A faulty alternator diode is sometimes the cause for a vehicle breaking down and not starting. Get your car checked every 6 months to prevent encountering this problem.


Another reason for the car breaking down on the side of the road is the extreme temperature, whether extreme cold or heat. During severe temperature, the starting power of a vehicle can diminish. Remember that it is especially hard for car batteries to provide enough power to start an engine during colder temperatures.

If you simply need a car battery replacement, we have tow trucks in line that can bring your vehicle to the nearest mechanic for a full and complete diagnostic of the car problem.

Motorists suffering from emergencies like damaged tires, engine failure, and the drained battery should not have to call for an emergency roadside assistance provider only to wait for hours. Our tow truck company is proud to offer the best jumpstart and car fuel delivery service. 

We will get you moving again!! Call us now to give your car a boost!

Our Jersey City Lockout Service

Getting locked out is one of the most common reasons to ask for roadside assistance. You might feel embarrassed, but you do not have to be. This is a mishap that can be mended by our team.

There are about seven common methods that people do to open their cars.

  • Use shoelace
  • Use screwdriver
  • Use a tennis ball
  • Use clothes hanger
  • Use strips of hard material or plastic
  • Use spatula
  • Use inflatable wedge

However, not all of these techniques are going to give you the result you need. Sometimes, they can get things more complicated. 

We offer what you need.

When it comes to roadside assistance, our focus is on the vehicle and the issues at hand. The best roadside assistance will meet with you and go over how to best approach your auto problem. Give us a call about our vehicle lockout service.

Reliable Towing & Roadside Assistance in Jersey City

Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing a dependable company is around the corner. We handle roadside assistance in Jersey City! 

Whether you need a long-distance towing or need to change a flat tire, we offer fast and reliable towing and roadside emergency services. Our towing and recovery services include:

  • Flat tire replace
  • Out of gas refuel
  • Car battery replacement
  • Towing vehicles
  • Long-distance towing
  • Flatbed towing
  • Car door unlocking

With several trucks in our fleet, you can rest assured we have the equipment to get you out of a dire situation. We have towing trucks for semi recovery and even for construction equipment recovery that we can dispatch anytime. 

Facing a roadside emergency and need immediate assistance? We are just one call away. We are a certified tow truck company, you can reach 24/7!

We strive to rescue people with roadside emergencies fast. Our years of experience providing towing and recovery services enabled us to handle a variety of roadside needs. All of our technicians are considered experts. They went through rigorous training and are knowledgeable in detecting the issues on the spot.

You can rely on us for all of your tow truck Jersey City needs! 

We are dedicated to solving your roadside problems in the safest and most efficient manner. We are committed to delivering not just an affordable towing service and roadside assistance throughout Jersey City, but ensure our customer’s safety and protection as well. 

Get in touch with us anytime for all your towing and roadside needs!