tow truck driver

Driving fast a tow truck is a very responsible act, so we have to approach it with maximum caution. We have to let our guard down and make our customers our first priority. Because safety comes first.

Various circumstances can happen while we are driving on the road, but under all of them, we have to be alert and ready to change our route at a moment’s notice. What makes a driver a good tow operator? I’ll give you a hint, it’s NOT the experience in miles driven that qualifies as a good towing experience.

An accumulation of miles is definitely a big plus for a towing operator’s experience, but if at the beginning of their driving career, they receive the wrong training, it will impact them throughout their career. One of the most important factors that attribute to being a good driver is simply knowing and adhering to the traffic rules.  This is necessary for the protection of all participants in traffic, especially our customers. In case one of our drivers is not following the rules, please let us know.  We strive to be the best towing and roadside assistance company in Jersey City.

A good driver drives without sudden movements, and without allowing themselves to be distracted by any mobile devices or any traffic circumstances that may pop up. As the top towing company in Jersey City, our drivers have been screened properly and have been made well aware of everything that can either harm others or put their employment at risk.

All tow truck drivers must refrain from getting distracted by other people.  A good tow company always trains its staff to focus on the service call, no matter what the conditions are.

Having patience while driving is one of the most important characteristics of a good driver. Being patient is necessary because there is nothing more important than the value of one’s or in this case, many people’s lives. If the roads are too crowded, patience can make the tow truck driver if the roads are congested with traffic or it’s a long-distance tow.

Speeding in a wrecker vehicle increases the risk of getting a ticket, but again also puts people at risk. Not to mention, your car or truck is at risk.  A good tow company does not endanger its customers.  A qualified tow company staff knows how to stay calm in every situation, whether when driving or trying to solve a problem, wherever your vehicle is parked.

When a technician is along the roadside, servicing your car for a tow job or for recovery assistance, there is a lot happening. They’ll be phoning into HQ, speaking to customers, being conscious of what’s happening with nearby traffic, and working with police.  Our drivers know that they have to be professional by paying attention to the small details while everything around them is going on.

The last key factor of a good driver is that your tow truck driver should be well rested.  In a study from 2010, showed that every sixth car crash is caused by drowsy drivers.  As a 24/7 emergency tow service, you can trust that our drivers know how to properly rest.
To be excellent at something,  first, you have to love it, so you can dedicate all of yourself to that. Our drivers enjoy their profession and as a result, we’re oftentimes called the Best Towing Company in Jersey City, NJ.