Stranded Vehicle Tips in Jersey City, New Jersey


If you think that a road emergency is the worst thing that can happen to your car, think again. Yes, you might be right at some point but nothing can be more troublesome than a vehicle emergency that happens in the middle of nowhere! The car breakdown itself is already stressful but having anyone around to ask for help can be so much more distressing. This is the reason why most stranded drivers succumb to rising panic and fail to perform the smart or simple safety measures. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

When involved in a roadside emergency, the first thing you should do is to observe vigilance. By managing your own emotions, you’ll be able to calm yourself down and mindfully think of solutions to your unfortunate situation. One of the factors that can affect your vigilance is your sustainable knowledge in surviving these mishaps. To help you with this, here is the list of all the things you should in a car breakdown in an isolated area.

1.    Pull over to the side of the road
The last thing you would want is to cause disturbance or further accidents with other motorists. If you feel like your car is going to a halt, immediately pull over to the side of the road to avoid causing trouble to other car owners.

2.    Turn on your hazard lights
The hazard light button is generally the red or orange triangle that your car is equipped with. When pressed, this results in the unison flashing of your car lights. Turn this on to immediately alert other drivers that your car is undergoing an issue. Keep in mind to leave the lights on until a roadside assistance arrives.

3.    Keep your safety
If your gut tells you that staying inside your car is the best option, then do your best to keep still until help arrives. If however, you think that the state of your vehicle (e.g. overheating) makes staying outside a sensible choice, carefully exit your car in a safe manner. Get out of the passenger’s seat if possible to avoid getting hit by the oncoming traffic. 

4.    Call for a local tow service
If you think that your safety is already settled, it’s finally time to call a tow company to assist you in your situation. It is worth mentioning that you should not just settle for any tow company that doesn’t guarantee premium quality. Choose a professional tow service to ensure not only the safety of your car but also yourself. After your option is settled, call their hotline and give them all the necessary information. Now all you have to do is wait. 

A tow company nearby will know how to value their customers’ trust and will aim to deliver their service in the timeliest manner. By hiring them, you can expect a roadside assistance service in Jersey City to arrive within just a few minutes. If you are still in quest of finding the best one in the towing industry, don’t hesitate to give us a call.