ersey City is ahead of the game in terms of attractions and fun activities all year round but it is during the holidays that they are best filled with events. More often than not, there will be tons and tons of special events scheduled to take place during this happy holiday season and people in and outside Jersey City, New Jersey are always thrilled for thanksgiving and holiday celebrations for the happiness, delicious foods, and family gathering opportunities.

In most cases, where there are fun activities, consequently there will be traffic on the streets. Most likely, people will be busing in to NYC for all the holiday festivities. And most likely, people from all over New Jersey will have to cross through Jersey City to get into NYC. Because of that, it is expected that the traffic will be extremely high especially near the Holland tunnel and near the NJ Path station. Hence, if you have a flight or a show to catch up and being late is not an option, then it is best to plan your trip and depart from your place hours ahead. If you’re taking a party bus or limo then you’ll want to make sure that the transportation picks you up earlier than they would usually do.  You may even need assistance from a reliable towing company if you will be travelling from your hometown all the way to Jersey City, New Jersey.​

​To be more excited as the holidays approach, here is a list of fun events happening in and around Jersey City during the 2018 holidays you can look forward to: