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Do not fall for scams. Your old clunker, whose seen all mighty ordeals, is worth more than what the scheming junk buyer says.

Everyone knows how the story goes. A smooth-talking rambler offers a price on the phone that is just too good to be true. You agree to the offer and before you know it, your old truck is parked in the middle of nowhere and the smooth-talking rambler changes his tune. He’s now decided he won’t pay much for your beloved car and you could either agree to his offer or leave the car to rust. Liberty Road Services ain’t like anybody else. We keep our word and will pay you each cent of what we offer.


Cash for cars – be it barely damaged or all wrecked out, and any matter of size. You can be guaranteed of no scheming, cause we will pay you on the spot. So let us take care of your junk cars and console your parting of an old friend with some cold hard cash.

We Buy Junk Cars

We are Jersey City’s best when it comes to disposing of old used cars. And you have our boundless gratitude for making us number 1. And without fail, we will continue to strive to be the best option for the good people of Jersey deals that offer the best bang for your hard earned buck.

Whether you’re looking for a new car to trade your old one, or going down the economical road and trading for a humbler option, we are going to be here for you. Our nice selection of fine cars and such will prove to give our car buyers satisfaction. Meanwhile, our car-buying program will make sure that you will have no regrets in letting go of your old one.

Junk Car Tow

So, your old vehicle is just standing there in your lawn occupying all that space. Before someone calls the hoarder patrol, it might be best to just let the old car retire. And with the best deals, in all of Jersey, that we are offering, the decision shouldn’t be any more difficult than counting from one to three.
We guarantee the best possible deal. In fact, tell us someone who’ll pay more, and we will match his price. And with a charming team to deal with to boot, the decision just can’t get simpler.

We will offer to shoulder all the cost for towing your car. This package includes towing, and any disposal fees that may be incurred.

Cash For Cars

We know it’s a tough decision to let go of an old car. This may have been your first car, the car you went to prom in, or even the car where you first taught your young one how to drive. We get that, and with that in mind, we are going to make sure that the entire process of selling your old car is handled with utmost care.

Nowhere else in Jersey will you find a dealer who’ll give the best deal, and at the same time, will empathize with you as you let go of a vehicle that has been a member of the family. Make the right choice of letting your old car rest, then choose us to handle everything else.

You won’t believe your eyes. We are buying old used cars at impossibly high rates. Not only will that, we will also pay for the towing and any fees involved in the process. We are buying these cars so high that we are practically being robbed blind. So what’s the wait? Let us buy your old cars and make some sweet dough off your space eater.

Cash for Junk Cars NJ

Thinking about buying a new car? But the problem is where can you possibly start to get the money to buy one. The bank ain’t of any help. And your work salaries just not gonna cut it. If it wasn’t so obvious yet, the answer lies in that old car of yours. Sell us your car now and get started on getting that dream car of yours.


Cash for Junk Cars Near Me

We will give you the best offers in Jersey. If you’re looking for a head start for that brand new wheels, we have the answer. Call Liberty Road Services and make the best decision of your life. We provide trades and towing in all New Jersey areas including:


  • Newark Junk Car Buyer
  • East Orange Junk Car Buyer
  • Irvington Junk Car Buyer
  • Kearny Junk Car Buyer ​
  • Hoboken Junk Car Buyer
  • Bayonne Junk Car Buyer
  • Union Junk Car Buyer
  • Elizabeth Junk Car Buyer
  • And All of Essex, Hudson & Union Counties